G O N G    S O U N D   H E A L I N G  

Digital Download


Universal Truth is Pure.

It was recorded at the time of Galactic Center alignment (2012).

The intended use is for meditation. You may sleep while listening to the Gong or play it while at work on a low setting. You may play it in your house or business 24/7.

As the sacred sounds immerse your environment, experience a change of vital positivity.

People, animals, bees, everything and anything that has an aura will respond to these sounds in a positive, healthy way.

We have had children calm down and become focused. People express that they are sleeping better. Households say everyone is happier and healthier. Work environments become more peaceful. Pets become calmer.

Expect transformation, upliftment, energy, + relaxation.

To learn more about HariPrakaash + the Gong visit the About Page.  

Please do not listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinary.